Professor, Graphic Design Technology Program Manager

Sherri has been doing graphic design professionally since graduating from Youngstown State University in Ohio with a B.F.A. She earned an M.A. in art history from the University of South Florida, Tampa and joined the faculty at SCF shortly thereafter. Sherri’s design experience includes print graphics, illustration, Photoshop manipulation and typography.


Assistant Professor

Sue received her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of South Florida with a major in Mass Communications - Advertising and a minor in Art. She has worked as a graphic designer at ParView Inc., SCF Public Affairs & Marketing Dept and as Senior Graphic Designer at InterShow, Inc. Sue teaches Professional Practices, Visual Identity Systems, Communication Design, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design Basics, Business Applications for the Graphic Designer and is the faculty advisor for the Graphic Design Internship.


Adjunct Instructor

Brenda received her bachelors at Florida State University with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Biology. She then received an M.A. in Biocommunications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. She has worked with clients such as the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, multiple publication companies, schools and small businesses. Brenda has taught Introduction to Computer Graphics, Web Design and Basic Animation at SCF since 2011.


Mac Lab Instructor

Justin functions as dedicated support staff while also serving as the ADH department's Mac IT specialist. After 10 years with the Marine Corps, Justin graduated from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg with a B.F.A. in studio art, focusing in graphic design and with a minor in art history. He recently earned his Master's degree from USF in Digital Journalism and Design. Justin has print and web design experience working with Aurora Lighting International, The Tampa Bay Times, USFSP and various freelance clients.

Additionally, Justin teaches advanced Web Design and Photoshop classes.